Client:- Shell Foundation
Type:- Fund Design
Funder:- USAID / FCDO
Project:- UEF (Universal Electrification Facility)
Country:- Sierra Leone and Madagascar
Client Overview:- Shell Foundation (SF) supports people living in low-income communities to escape poverty and ease hardship. SF creates and scales businesses that expand access to energy and transport.
Project Overview:- The Universal Energy Facility (UEF) is multi-donor results-based financing (RBF) facility that provides incentive payments to organizations upon verified end-user electricity connections.
Role:- Operations Manual development
Services Overview:- Shell Foundation engaged AGA to develop UEF’s Operating Manual, which outlines the strategy and governs solicitations, review, awards, disbursements, and monitoring.
Services:- Fund strategy, RBF verification process development
stakeholder consultations, process design, & technical writing
Status:- Completed